Siste Dagers Helvete ‎– The Hell (1984)

September 22nd 2013 – Top notch NO HC

Siste Dagers Helvete ‎– The Hell

Rock-O-Rama Records ‎– RRR.38- 1984-LP

Few countries had such a solid hardcore scene as Norway, at least measured on the standard of the records. Of the all the Norwegian hardcore records released up to 1986 there are nothing bad released. In comparison with the other Up-North countries I have no trouble finding bad Swedish, Danish and (it hurts to say) Finnish records for the same period of time. Another characteristics of Norwegian hardcore is that most band sung in Norwegian. Norway is a small country and of course all bands knew each other and I presume also influenced each other. The first real hardcore release by a band was Betong Hysteria which came out already in 1982. I don’t know if it came just before or after, but the compilation Ingenting For Norge from 1982 made it possible for the first generation of Norwegian hardcore bands to put out their music. It quite similar for the scene like the Really Fast Vol 1 in Sweden or possible Russia Bombs Finland on Propaganda Records. Of these compilations, the Norwegian one is for sure the hardest one to come by.

Another thing I fancy with the Norwegian releases are the poster sleeves by X-port plater. I always loved to get a lot of reading and info with a record. The label was by the way managed by people behind Svart Framtid, possible the most well-known Norwegian hardcore punk band, at least international.

Siste Dagers Helvete, freely translated Last Days in Hell came form Moss, just south of Oslo. The band was active from 1981 to 1986. The setting was: Morten Henriksen (guitar), Rune Johnsen (drums) and Knut Rossi (bass). They had a few guys on vox but a dude with the Finnish name Oskari Lehtonen is doing the singing on this one. As a release its top notch, a record you can play through without boring sections. Interesting , as the record was released in 1984, the first song got the same name. Worth mentioning is that the Svart Framtid EP was called “1984” as well.

This record is released on German Rock-O-Rama and is licensed from Propaganda Records. The later is strange to me as I am not aware of any press by Propaganda. However – there are talks that it was not 100% fair play form Rock-O-Rama. Many bands never received any royalties

For more on Norwegian hardcore I recommend as usual the Norwegian Punk and Hardcore site by Kjell A Sandvik. For more info on the X-port plater label mentioned above check out Tore Stemland post on the topic. He is also handling Musikk fra Norge which have some stuff on punk and hardcore.

♬ Side A (MP3 320 kbps). See images below for song titles.

♬ Side B (MP3 320 kbps). See images below for song titles.

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Front and rear sleeve

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  1. mark

    propaganda ran out of money to release stuff by 1984 and everything they had intended to release..such as this lp.. was licensed to r`o`r

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