Last Right – Chunk’s – Hitler Sleeve (b/w) (1984)

December 24:th 2012 – Great music – sick sleeve

Last Rights ‎– Chunks

Taang! Records – TAANG! 2 – 1984 – 7″

No, I’m not a Nazi – No, Last Rights were not Nazis!

I am quite tired, so sorry about the spelling errors

By this record (or sleeve rather), I have completed my Boston hardcore collection (at least up to 1985).

Boston had a lot of (straight edge) bands like FYS, Negative FX, SS Decontrol, Gang Green and the FU’s. The really early scene was featured on This is Boston, not LA LP, worth checking out. Apparently the Boston crew did not like the New York scene too much neither. One story claims that fans used to roll into New York shows in SS Decontrol’s black windowless van with X’s painted on their heads. And if they saw a kid in the pit without an X on his head, they’d punch him as he was from New York. I not sure what to think about that. Anyhow the vocalist of Negative FX Jack “Choke” Kelly started Last Right. Negative FX cut some great vinyl but only managed to do 5 shows. In the case of Last Rights they made only one show. Good they cut this vinyl. I like the two songs &#9836 Chunks and &#9836 So Ends Our Night (both MP3 320 kbps) but I know some don’t fancy the metal influences and somewhat macho attitude. I believe they recorded more songs in the same session that ended up on No Guts, No Glory 12 inch. Got to chech the liner notes on that one.

This release is the Hitler sleeve of which only 100 of the 1000 copies had. It’s said that Jack Kelly put it out because he wanted to piss people off, which most likely also happened. I have the standard versions as well – but I like rare shit. This is a type of record I would be careful buying because of counterfeit sleeves. This record is from Trash Palace inStockholm and comes from a safe source. It should be noted that there is a bootleg with a very similar sleeve (smalll difference in print) on splatter vinyl. Only 60 copies was made of the splatter vinyl making it a collector item (I don’t care about bootlegs however). The bootleggers where nice to number the sleeves for these. For more on sleeve versions see below.

For more stuff on the Boston hardcore scene, check out this the site this is out culture.

When it comes to sleeve this is quite a messy release. The Taang! website mention 6 different sleeves (card stock). Most releases came with card stock sleeve (folded about 2/3 on the back) but also a xerox sleeve (refered as promo sleeves or slip). These are the versions I have found on the net. There are 5 card stock sleeves here so it seems I’m missing one. For the promo-sleeves I have no idea how many they are, I just added some pictures. Any initiated collector may correct the errors and fill in the missing sleeves. There have been 3 various insert to this release. I don’t believe all copies came with them. They are pictured here. (images from the web).

Card stock sleeves

Image 1 black & white

Black & white

Image 1 Vox

Black & white

Image 2 – black & white

Source vinyl Noize. (not fold over?)

Image 3

Black & white

Image 3 – with vox

Black and white

Promo sleeves (xerox)

Image 1

Black & Red

Image 1

Black & yellow / gold

Image 1

Black and blue – source

Image 1

Black and white – source

Hitler sleeve

Black and white

Hitler sleeve

Black and lime

And finally- the images from my own record

Click on the images to expand them to higher resolution. As usual all images and audio clips is from my record.


  1. Markko

    What do you means by card stock. Is that some paper?

    • the editor

      Yes – card stock is a thicker quality paper. It’s the type of paper you find on the cover of note books or on business cards. In this case the paper is mate.

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