GRB – Estoy Tan Contendo ! (1986)

October 8:th 2012 – Barcelona hardcore

GRB ‎– Estoy Tan Contento !

Not On Label – – 1986- 7″

I’m posting a lot of records so I got a little bit lazy and stole most of the text from their web-page.

GRB were a hardcore band from Barcelona (Catalunya, Spain), formed in 1984 by members of the punk bands Ultimo Resorte and Frenopaticss. They made the a demo GRB, 1985), this a 7 Tracks EP , GRB – Estoy Tan Contento ! (1986), and a LP, GRB – Cuentos Y Leyendas (1988). The band was active to 1989. GRB were pioneers of the hardcore punk scene in Barcelona, as other bands Ultimo Resorte, ShIt S.A., Anti-dogmatikss, L’Odi Social and Subterranean Kids…

The members were: Ángel Fernández (Vocals), Strong (Guitar), Alberto Collazo (Guitar), Juan R. Ferrando (Bass), Miguel Coll (Drums).

I would not say that this EP is rock solid but there are some interesting tunes on it : :Full EP (MP3 320 kbps).

The record is from discogs seller zoogin, a trusted source of good well graded records.

The insert is in poster size (European A3). It was hard to make a good image with my cell phone camera. Click on the images to expand them to a higher resolution.

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