Cartoon Rockers ‎– Prostitute (1984)

October 9:th 2012 – Finnish powerpunk

Cartoon Rockers ‎– Prostitute

Poko Rekords – PIS 143 -1984 – 7″

The side B on this single Boys From The Bronx is quite average. However – the sweet Prostitute (both MP3 320 kbps) can make an old hardcore heart melt.

Reading the sleeve I heard about Kellogs Bollocks on guitar, but I don’t remember why (Widows ?). The vocalist Teyo was in Mopot (which will posted later). This might be something I should know more about but I’m in the beginning of the learning curve of finnish KBD.

As I google on Cartoon Rockers – I found this cheesy video . Oh – Kellogs Bollocks was in Widows, okay!!!

This record was bought on finnish and the seller is the trusted mailmurder who never disappoints me.

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