Machines, The – True Life (1978)

October 26th 2013 – Quality before quantity

Machines, The – True Life

Wax Records ‎– EAR 1 – 1978 – 7″

On back on the sleeve you can read: “recorded in 1/2 hour at 8 quid an hour”, which for me is the first indication it got to be an awesome record. This English band, more precisely from Southend-on-Sea, only cut vinyl once;. but is not quantity that matters, but quality. In my book this is one of the best releases in 1978 out of England. You just got to love the attack and that guitar sound. Short story: inspired by proto-punk band like MC5 but after guitarist / vocalist Nick Paul saw the Clash he formed a band. Played the shit out of the Damned and folded. For long story check out the band’s web-page

I planned to make a long piece of this but, but I need to go and see Riistetyt tonight and am in a hurry, sorry!

♬ Full EP (MP3 320 kbps). Songs: True Life / Everythings Technical / You Better Hear / Evening Radio.

Click on the images to expand them to higher resolution. The rips and images are from my record.

Front and rear sleeve


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