Ženevski Dekret ‎– Neću Da Budem Dio Jebene Mase

September 17:th 2012 – Ex-Yugo hardcore

Ženevski Dekret ‎– Neću Da Budem Dio Jebene Mase

Ne! Records – 001 – 1997- 7″

Punk in Mostar (currently Bosnia-Hercegovina) was quite dead (or rather not born) in the early 80’s. Habi (the vocalist of Ženevski Dekret) started out with a fanzine and in 1983 a band was formed. After a number of line-up changes – Ženevski Dekret became a solid band in 1985 and they did local shows but also around former Yugoslavia. Influences were bands like Anti-Cimex, Kaaos, Discharge and Disorder. A bunch of demos was made and the band appeared on some compilation records as well. When the war started in 1992 (Mostar was one of the bloodiest places) the band members fled and some of them ended up in Sweden. Sadly the band name mean Geneva Decree something that was not respected during the war. Later the band was reformed and recordings was made in Norrköping, Sweden. This EP is what I understand recorded in Sarajevo in 1988. – Enjoy!

♬ Neću Da Budem Dio Jebene Mase 320 kbps.

This release comes with a booklet of the band history and some stickers.

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