Proces – Illusions Are Bleeding – Iluzije Kravare (2012)

January 20:th 2013 – Melodic Serbian hardcore

Proces – Illusions Are Bleeding – Iluzije Kravare

Ne! Records ‎– NE006 – 2012 – LP + CD

Most people may have heard about Process by the Split they made with Norwegian Stengte Dører (on X-port Platter) in 1985. The band was from Subotica in former Yugoslavia, currently Serbia and they started to play already in 1979. There was a quite active punk scene Subotica with bands like Nade Iz Inkubatora, Giuseppe Carabino, and Marselyeza. If your Serbian language skills is good you can check out the punk documentary from that city.

On this record from NE! Records there are thee songs that appeared on the 1985 split like ♬ Iluzije but also six other songs like ♬ Boje that I believe was recorded in 1985 as well. The B-side there is a live recording from their re-union in 2012. The band officially stopped playing in 1987.

I got to give NE! records credit for their excellent releases. To this date NE! Records has made 8 releases from former Yugoslavia. All comes in nice gatefold sleeves, printed inner sleeves and in most cases very interesting liner notes. This release also comes with a CD (500 of the 800 copies had it). There are two vinyl colours, the limited red and the black. The red was actually available but when I bought this copy I took black vinyl as prefer that.

The members on this demo were: Mirko Stoilkov (guitar), Dragan Sudarević (drums), Branislav Vučković (bass), Zlatko Basic (vocals). It was recorded in LJubljana using the same studio that bands like Quod Massacre, Distress and 3 Kategorija used to record,The band made a demo in 1987 on which Kesi Bradarić was singing. These songs on this demo are said to be good, whilst the recording sound is said to be shit.

Click on the images to expand them to higher resolution. The rips are from my record but I got lazy and downloaded the images.

Front and rear sleeve

Inner Sleeve

Fold out sleeve

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