O! Kult – Mladi Imajo Moc (2012)

March 1:st 2013 – Ljubljana punk

O! Kult – Mladi Imajo Moc

NE! Records ‎– NE008 – 2012 – 7″ – Black

So there is another release from NE! Records, a label that seems to pump out releases from Former Yugoslavia. As a label they have really focussed making nice releases to honour these bands

On the 8:th release we will find Oi! Kult from Ljubljana. The title of this release means They Youth Have The Power . With a band that have a serious look and holding flags, you are to expect some mid-tempo proto-anarchy punk. The songs were very political and was not accepted by the state at that time meaning they were banned to be played on the radio stations. However – Former Yogoslavia was not as oppressive as Soviet Union so they did not have to spend their holiday in Siberia at least. Instead they released a tape in 1983 – Razredni Boj Je Edino Gibalo Zgodovine.

This remastered release comes in black or read, 680 copies in total. In a nice gatefold sleeve and a printed inner sleeve as well. Order it from NE! Records.

I have been messing with this release for a few weeks but of some reason the post disappear here in WordPress. And now I can’t find the bloody MP3 rip I made – so go to NE! record and listen to it.

Click on the images to expand them to higher resolution. The rips are from my record but I got lazy and downloaded the images. Band photo: Sinisa Lopojda.

Front and rear sleeve

Fold out sleeve

Inner Sleeve sleeve

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