VKTMS ‎– Midget E.P. (1979)

February 21th 2014 – San Fransico love

VKTMS ‎– Midget E.P.

Emergency Room Records ‎– ERR-OR – 1979 – 7″

I know I’m in minority preferring the US punk scene over the UK one. I was raised in hardcore as I was presented to that style around 1983. That meant that I missed the 1977 – 1981 punk scene, even the Swedish one. That did not matter as I thought the Swedish bands were just hippies in disguise. I guess over the years I matured and have since some years been collecting Up-North punk. As for the international scene, US punk attracted me earlier. I guess it had to do with the Ramones as honestly the US punk bands firstly looked and secondly sounded cooler than the UK fish ‘n chips – weird accent – counterparts. As mentioned US punk is also part of the area of records that I collect.

VKTMS (Viktims) came out San Francisco (USA) and this EP is their first release. Fronted by Nyna Napalm who in my humble opinion is one of the best punk vocalist. However The Avengers from the same city fronted by Penelope Houston were more famous. If you get the kicks of female fronted US punk band both the Bags and Alley Cats are worth checking out.

To put it mild, this EP shreds – love it. The VKTMS ran into some trouble with 100% White Girl that was on their second EP (1980). I guess it was a similar type of misunderstanding that happened to Minor Threat when they put out the song “Guilty Of Being White” on the In My Eyes EP the following year. I don’t really know, have never cared too much about lyrics.

I got this EP from Ryebread Rodeo, Ryan I owe you EVERYTING!

♬ Full 4 Song EP (MP3 320 kbps). Check images below for song titles.

Click on the images to expand them to higher resolution. The rips and images are from my record.



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