CPg – Umcacca (2010)

September 8th 2013 – Demos on vinyl

CPg – Umcacca

Moiras Records ‎– CPG EP 001 – 2010- 7″

Hungarian punk, not really my area of expertise. This gang was formed already in 1979, I believe. Formed in the city of Szeged in Southern Hungary by Zoltán Benkő and Antal Kis. Of some reason they re-allocated to Budapest and two more members were added: Zoltán Nagy, Béla Haska and Zoltán Varga. As a band they put out several cassettes. This is early 80’s recording, originally recorded directly to a tape. Being a quite hash communist state it had its challenges being a punk band. Due to some controversy, some band members even got imprisoned.

This record was pressed in 2010 (100 or 200 copies, not sure) and when I ripped it I realize it got the record for any 7 inch record I have ever ripped. 21 minutes of music. I have not idea about what they are singing about. It said the band name has some thing to do with Come On Punk group, the two first words are supposed to be some strange reference to Beatles?

BTW – what the deal with the three letters Hungarian band-names?

♬ Full EP (MP3 320 kbps).

Click on the images to expand them to higher resolution. The rips and images are from my record. Gatefold sleeve with lyrics and credits inside

Front and rear sleeve


Fold out sleeve



  1. Martin

    As far as I know, the “Come On” Beatles reference is just from the expression “Come on”, which later became “Common”, so CPg should be read as Common Punk group. Why the “g” ain’t capital though I don’t know. Great release, bet you’re glad I tipped you off on it while it was still cheap and available.

  2. Martin

    Second song is a Pekinska Patka cover by the way.

  3. anonymous

    Record came out in 2007, in limited edition of 200 copies and fetch for little fortune these days. The picture is from the last gig, March, 1983. After the gig the motherfuckin’ local authorities set up a showtrial and sent the band into jail for years for their massively anti-communist lyrics and wild behaviour. Old Hungarian illegal punk movement is the best hidden secret of European punk, five bands got serious prison sentences. Finally after all these years the original characters tell about the rather spectacular events, a meaty i/view book is in the works.

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