Discard ‎– Death From Above (1990)

September 12th 2013 – Dis-, Dis-, Dis-

Discard ‎– Death From Above

Jesus Kudd Records ‎– JKR 001 – 1990- 7″ – Green

When I go to the supermarket here in Sweden I can buy food with fair trade marking or various organic or even environment friendly marking. If I trust the source it’s good, I know what I get. As for hardcore there is at least one labeling system in place. You get what you expect buying a tape or record with a band that is called DIS-something. It is going to be some kind of Discharge influenced band. Discard is claimed to start the Swedish DIS-band. BTW – there are several bands actually called Dis-band. Discard was formed in mid 80 with members from Mob 47 (Åke and Chrille) and Per Lundström from Agoni. The band made a demo in 1985 called Four minutes past midnight which is on my want list and had two songs on Really Fast Vol 3 (1986). Talking about the first band starting with DIS, Kenneth “Dåren” Wiklund had a band called Distrust that made a tape in 1983 and a split tape with Asocial in 1984. The later on a label also on a label called DIS Tapes (which also put out the Svart Parad tapes). Disaccord made a tape in 1985 called Don’t Ask Me Why. However – Discard was the first band to cut vinyl

And no – Disarm is not considered part of the this DIS-names.

This record was pressed in 1,000 copies of which 40 were on green splatter vinyl. This is green vinyl copy #29

♬ Full EP (MP3 320 kbps). Check images below for song titles.

Click on the images to expand them to higher resolution. The rips and images are from my record.

Front and rear sleeve


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