Mopo Mogo – Pouvoir (1983)

December 18:th 2012 – Great French one-man punk act

Mopo Mogo – Pouvoir

Studio 16 – 1823 – 1983 – 7″

This is the shit!! Mopo Mogo is a band by the French punker Didier Ruyer. With a razor sounding guitar, a drum machine, killer vocals and pissed-off attitude it for me the ultimate French burner. I give it full points. I heard this record the first time at a friend’s house and was blown away. After a long time he decided to part his copy. Lucky me – did not have to do the usual nagging neither. Good as this record certainly is very very hard to come by.

It is frankly not much info available on this Didier Ruyer. I don’t even know what the release is called. Pouvoir is the first song so I use that as the title. The sleeve states “Moi Je M’em Focus” in French and “Ich Bin Allein” in German which means something like “I Am Crazy, I Am Alone”. &#9836 Pouvoir (MP3 320 kbps) on the A-side is a fast burner – I love it. On the B-side you will find the song &#9836 Fuck-Off (MP3 320 kbps) that is kind of slower but equally good. In these quick clicking internet days you need to have some 30 second patience for the intro. It’s worth it.

The record was released on Studio 16; a label I never heard of and I can’t find any other releases related to that. The address is in Colmar in France which is close to the German border. Looking at this youtube clip, Ruyer is pictured in something that looks like a newspaper from the same city. That might explain why the potential title is both in German and French. This part of France has been German territory a couple of time and during two years (1632 – 1634) it was actually Swedish territory. I always believed there was a link between Vicious Visions and Mopo Mogo. This has to be the proof that Mister Boo and Monsieur Ruyer have the same ancestor.

As I am writing this article I found a compilation LP on discogs from 2010 with additional recording and some live stuff – 18 bucks – ordering it now!!

Pouvoir & Fuck Off

Click on the images to expand them to higher resolution. As usual all images and audio clips is from my record.


  1. Patte Oldschool

    The link to Fuck off links to Pouvoir.

  2. the editor

    Okey – sorry – fixed that now.

  3. Erich

    I deserve to own this record so much. sooooo much.

  4. P

    Triggered drums are way too much metal.

  5. Luc

    Great lyrics too.

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