Ice 9 – Out Out Out (1979)

December 26th 2013 – Sleeve headache

Ice 9 – Out Out Out

Cool Records ‎– – 1979 – 7″

Portland (USA) seems to be a good place to be in back in 1978- 1980: Stiphnoyds, Cleavers, Rats, Sado-Nation and Wipers. Of some reason I always think Bags were from Portland. Doing the fact check I realize they are not! Around 1982 a few good hardcore slabs came of out of Portland thanks to band like Poison Idea and Lockjaw.

ICE 9 only cut, to my knowledge, only one 7″ – this three song vinyl. The last song is called 27.3 and it is the time it takes to moon to orbit the earth. The drummer, Count Vertigo also played in X Patriots which put out a 7″ in 1979 on the same “label”, Cool Records. I believe the guitarist was in the same band.

There is some confusion on the sleeves for this release. Apparently Abe at Discourage records have made some clarification which is summarized on discogs: The first edition sleeves are screen printed on white paper (blue, green or blue/green ink), the second edition sleeves are litho printed on yellow or green paper (black print), the third editions sleeves are xerox on yellow or green paper. Some of the third edition sleeves have Discourge records rubber stamps on the rear of handwritten text stating that they xerox sleeves. The total press seems to be 500? copies and the litho sleeves seems quite rare. My copy got two sleeves but no stamp on them. No idea if it’s the xerox sleeves or litho. Apparently it’s possible to “feel” the xerox as it’s on top of the paper whilst litho print is printed into the paper. Well – collector-scum details. All-in-all, there is only one pressing and I have possible the second or third sleeve version. Being a collector-scum, I will look for the silk screen printed sleeves.

The guitarist later played in The Miracle Workers and the vocalist Eddie Jetson (Eddie Morgan) moved on to Condemned To Death. The bass player was a John Sogge who tragically passed away before the photo shoot, explaing why it is only 3 people on the rear sleeve. The record is supposed to have an ice crystal effect, quite visual when I shot the images with a flash.

And the record? – it’s good!

♬ 3 Song EP (MP3 320 kbps). Songs: Out Out Out / Revolting Mess / 27.3.

Click on the images to expand them to higher resolution. The rips and images are from my record. This record came with two sleeves.

Sleeve, front and rear, yellow and green



  1. desertbootguy

    The guitar player, Dan Demiankow, also played in the teenage “garage-punk” band The Aftermath in the mid 1960’s …

  2. MIsh B

    cool.. Ice 9 were the shit! thanks for mentioning Sado-Nation

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