Mandarines ‎– E.P. (1978)

November 22:nd 2012 – A couple of really good tunes

Mandarines ‎– E.P.

EMI – 7C 006-35586 – 1978- 7″

I just learned that this is a bootleg

Stockholm based Mandarines stared as Four Manarines and issued the Silver Son Johnnie / Ease My Pain seven-inch in 1977. The band bursted and Janne Andersson (guitar) and Jana Blüchert quickly created Manadrines. Janne did the singing and a drummer was hired. As a band the Manadrines did not do much than this. I like the Four Mandarines record and on this record I like the first track; Trust You. It reminds me of the type of punk-pop Ramones and the Brits did.

I found this record on discogs for more or less nothing. The sleeve is perfect the record has some noise – like groove wear.

&#9836 Full EP (MP3 320 kbps).

Click on the images to expand them to higher resolution. As usual all images and audio clips is from my record.


  1. Martin

    Glad you found it cheap as it’s a bootleg. Original pressing is on black vinyl and glued thick sleeve.

  2. the editor

    Oh thanks, well it was 4 EUR so I guessed something was fishy. It also have an annoying distortion as you can hear ….I was not aware of any bootlegs – so thanks for the info

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