Angor Wat ‎– General Strike (1985)

November 21:st 2012 – Norwegian doom / hardcore

Angor Wat ‎– General Strike

Children Of The Revolution Records – GURT 08 – 1985- LP

I have always been ambivalent with regards of Angor Wat as I’m not a big fan of some of their doom sounding songs. They other stuff is okey however. Angor Wat started in Trondheim Norway in the early 80’s and made two tapes on their own tape / fanzine label “Knall”. The last tape was a split with Bannlyst which is posted here.

Luckily for me this record is less doom and more hardcore. For more info on Angor Wat check out the Norwegian Punk and Hardcore blogg by Kjell A Sandvik.

There are 13 songs on this LP – Here is the first 3 songs: &#9836 First 3 Songs – Statement / Luxury / Promises – (MP3 320 kbps).

The insert is one piece of paper. Sorry for the bad resoluton on the lyric sheet, hard to get good pictures with my crappy camera. Click on the images to expand them to higher resolution. As usual all images and audio clips is from my record.

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