Boring, Old, SicK

July 11:th 2012 – No song titles here

Boring, Old, SicK – S/T

National Anthems – NA 001 – 1999 – 7″

This is one of the hundreds self-released 7″ from the late 90’s. If you want to collect all of this you need a barn to store them all. This band is from Eskilstuna, Sweden, and the there is no titles on the sleeve, just a comment This 7″ has 8 songs on it. Some of them are very old.. There is no insert in my copy and I don’t know if it came with one. I know that Crash-Mag used to sell on mail order. You can still buy it from from various internet record shops. I can’t find any pressing plant id on the record neither. The matrix is AH15071/A stamped on side A.

This are couple of really good songs on this EP. The guitar is not over distorted, the band use two vocalists – in general this is a good craftsmanship. There are four tracks on each side and I have recorded side 1 (128 kbps) and side 2 (128 kbps) for you to enjoy

The sleeve is a fold-out sleeve. The record has white labels with an A and B stamped.

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