Front Line – 1982 demos now released

August 22:nd 2012 – 30 years to late

Front Line ‎– Basic Training E.P.

Beach Impediment Records – 001 – 2012- 7″

First time I ever heard Front Line was on the The Master Tape Vol. 2 but I have never seen them put out anything else on vinyl. This release was put out in 2011 and is the result of recordings in 1982 that was meant to be an EP but that did not happen – until now!

Front Line was from Norfolk, Virginia’s (started as With Intent) and existed for a year. I guess they had to be one of the first HC acts from VA and they did local shows and some in North Carolina.

This EP has ten songs and it’s just like it should be – aggressive kick-ass hardcore. I love it. D.W.I and Front Line was featured on the Master Tape Compiliations so here is two other songs I selected: ♬ Having Fun and ♬ Mr. Potatohead (both 128 kpbs) – Enjoy!

This EP was pressed in 400 copies and You can pick up a copy on discogs for some 5 bucks. There is a repress out as well. For mor stuff on Front Line – check out this web-page

This release comes with a lyric insert with pictures on one side and a sticker as well. As usual you can click on the images to expand them to higher resolution.

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