Contrasto / LeTormenta ‎– La Poesia E’ Azione

August 7:th 2012 – A Japanese parcel

Contrasto / LeTormenta ‎– La Poesia E’ Azione – Split

Autoproduzioni – No catalogue code – 2009- 7″

I don’t post all the crust stuff I buy – but I decided to post this anyhow. There are two reasons:

First: Italian HC / Crust is quite political with reflections on Italian and international issues. I guess Italy has had a long political tradition. This EP is no exception. It addresses current issues in Italy in 2009 like drowned boat refugees and earthquakes.

Second: When I used to buy records in the early 80’s I basically got a sleeve and a record. Not bad, but these days the releases are like Japanese gift parcels. This one comes in a nice gatefold sleeve, with a post card, a label insert, one lyric sheet and credit sheet in italian and another in english. It was pressed in 500 copies. It’s a little ceremony to just open it.

Contrasto [website] is also owner of Autoproduzioni have released bunches of vinyl. Here they are doing a slit with LeTormenta [Website] which is new to me! Contrasto delivers three brutal and crusty hardcore songs and LeTormenta deliver one grind song and a kind of ballad (Sic!). On the sleeve is stated : No copyright! – So here is the whole EP in 320 kbps.

Contrasto: ♬ Non Solidali, Complici / Niente Per La Storia / Settembre, Di Notte

LeTormenta: ♬ Il Sacrificio Dei Miei Occhi / Sangue Che Vive

BTW -the title La Poesia E’ Azione means The Poetry And Action

I took a picture of all stuff – just too much to scan.

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