Ex-Pop ‎– Oh Rosalyn (1980)

July 27:th 2013 – Gävle punk-pop

Ex-Pop ‎– Oh Rosalyn

Comm Records ‎– COMM 002 – 1980- 7″

If you recognize the voice of this Gävle (Sweden) band it’s because you heard it in one of Sweden’s first punk band PF Commando. Ex-pop started as Janne Ricknell’s project supported by Peter Pallenborg of Quiet Men. On this EP it appears that Janne played most instruments. The drummer is Fredrik “Fritte” Jonasson. They also played lived and had a member from Bugs on bass I believe. The local newspaper liked the B-side “Penguins” but I deleted the rip by mistake so you have to live with the A-side: ♬ Oh Rosalyn (MP3 320 kbps).

The band also appeared on the local “pizza-box” from Mamma records called “Dansa with Mamma”. It was four EP’s in a box. Mamma was not really a label to 100%. The bands in the regions had to chip in money for the box and Mama more distributed it. This record is by the way on COMM records which was PF COMMandos DIY label.

Click on the images to expand them to higher resolution. The rips and images are from my record. And the pictures sucks, I know.

Front and rear sleeve


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  1. Stålnacke

    This is bad. Good You erased the B-side. It is badder

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