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August 5:th 2012 – Fast, Faster, Fastest

Posloucháte Jižní Čechy – Compilation

Several Labels – – 2008 – LP

♬ Many hardcore fans of the 80’s generation seems to have problem with the grindcore genre. I got fed-up with all the hardcore bands sounding the same in the end of the 80’s. At some time – I came over the Heresy flexi and was hooked on grindcore. I’m still a huge Heresy fan. I really got the faster, faster, faster bug and in the end of the 80’s there was no-one faster than Heresy. To get even faster I had to move over to the Norwegian Black Metal Bands in early 90s with bands like Mayhem. Today however – I can agree that grindcore is a genre with limited variations – so let’s check this Czech release out!

The Posloucháte Jižní Čechy compilation is the first of three Czech compilations record, a co-operation of many small independent labels. Frankly the Eastern Europe scene is quite interesting and vital. I have a bunch of stuff from former Yugoslavia and waiting for the Belorussian and Ukrainian grindcore scene to fire up.

This compilation is a mix of hardcore, grindcore and noisecore (is that even a genre?). The release, pressed in 525 copies, have 7 bands playing 34 songs. First out is Rabies [website], a band that has been around for a time, changed setting and also musical direction. Now they are a grind/noise band. Here they are making a cover of Nazi Punks – Fuck off (128 kbps) by the Dead Kennedys and deliver as usual. Fire Walk With Me [website] is more a sludge band and don’t impress with the song V Šedivé Jednotvárnosti Všedního Dne (128 kps, 210 second clip), mainly because I don’t like sludge. Ztrhlej Záwyth is new to me and I believe that they have not put anything else on vinyl except this release. The song Život Pracujícího Člověka (128 kbps) shows that they should spend some more time in the rehearsal studio. But it’s a good start. Lahar [website]has been around for a while, doing bunches of shows and some split 7″. They deliver furious and fast songs like Jak Dál? (128 kbps). GREX [website] is doing their best to compete with Lahar (which I believe they share rehearsal studio). GREX use two singers so I guess they shows must be pretty cool. Špína Svobody (128 kbps) is one of the better songs. My favourite song on this compilations is SWINE! [website] first song Love Song (128 kbps) , party due to the dirty recording. Last out is Poslední Přání Mrtvého Humanisty which sounds more like satan in a torture chamber. ám Svůj Svět… (128 kbps) is a good example!

Verdict? – quite okey sample for 9 dollars. There are some really good stuff, just ordered some of the split-EP with some of the bands!

This release came with two insert, a lyric and a band presentation insert. The LP is really nice packaged and give you and overview of the Czech grindcore scene in 2008

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