Olho Seco ‎– Botas Fuzis Capacetes (1983)

December 3:rd 2012 – Brazilian hardcore pioneers

Olho Seco ‎– Botas Fuzis Capacetes

Punk Rock Discos – PR-002 – 1983 – 7″

Olho Seco – translation “Dry Eyes” was the pioneers of Brasilian hardcore. Formed in 1980 they cut vinyl the first time on Grito Suburbano compilation in 1982 together with Colera and Inocentes. That was the first release by Punk Rock Discos (Punk rock records) a label created by Fabio who also is the long standing vocalist of Olho Seco.

Olho Seco was mainly inspired by European hardcore and also had contact with Terveet Kädet, see earlier post. The Botas Fuzis Capacetes , translation – boots, helmets and guns, is for sure a reference to the earlier Brazilian military regime. This EP contains three tacks and the main track &#9836 Nada (MP3 320 kbps) is about the problems that occur when poor people move from the country side to the Sao Paulo and stay poor. In the western world I have seen misunderstanding about this song as some believe it a racist song. That not correct. Anyone who has driven along the Pinheiros river and sees how the poorest people live knows fur sure that Non dvcor, dvco is bullshit for these people.

Anyhow – it’s a kick-ass EP and Nada is a real hardcore burner. It was also featured on the MRR 1984 sampler. I actually bought this record close to 25 years ago but it got lost / stolen at some point. Now I got this Near Mint copy and can’t be happier. There is at least one re-issue available as well.

For a good understanding of Brazilian punk, check out the O Começo Do Fim Do Mundo compilation record (1983) which feature a lot of Brazilian punk bands including Ratos De Porão.

By the way; I saw that Terveet Kädet will make a Brazilian tour now in December. I’m sure Läjä and Fabio will have one or two Caipirinhas together.

Export copies had an insert. Click on the images to expand them to higher resolution. As usual all images and audio clips is from my record.

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    I just realized it was Riistetyt and not Terveet Kädet who are doing the Brazilian tour…. Desculpe

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