Of some reason we can’t get the automatic e-mailing to work every time we update a post. It works for the zines but not for tapes and records. Well – instead we try to send an e-email to the subscribers on a monthly basis, it seems like we forgot, so here is a bunch of posts since August 7th 2014!!!

New Records
Antidote‎– Thou Shalt Not Kill (1983)…[more]
Execute – S/T (1983)…[more]
Feber – S/T (1981)…[more]
Mellakka ‎– Itsenäisyyspäivä (1985)…[more]
Kuro – Who The Helpless (1984)…[more]
Harass – Innocent (1995)…[more]
P-Nissarna – Jugend (1980)…[more]
Flirt – Don’t Push Me / Degenerator (1978)…[more]

New Tapes
Vertex, The – The Last Sessions (1987)
Los Bohemos – S/T (1988)
Afflicted Convulsion ‎– Beyond Redemption (1990)
Riistetyt ‎– Raiskattu Tulevaisuus (1984)
Troublemakers – Göteborg (1981)
Joon Erektion – Notice To Skinheads (1983)
Crücifix / Rune And The Rockers ‎– Sista Hoppet (1987)
Strebers – EP (1986)
Patrol ‎– Another Fiasco Demo (1982)

Other Posts