Summary of 2012 and Commitments for 2013

December 29:th 2012 – Balancing the check book

It has now gone half a year since we started this stupid web-site. Some 1,000 people on facebook have nothing better to do than like us and the website have more visitors than we could imagine. Thanks for that!! It’s time to summarize this year and make some commitments for the next.

Most played record: There are some records that return to the turntable on a regular basis. In the grindcore department, the Heresy’s ‎– Never Healed flexi is often spinning. As flexi’s tend to wear out quickly I try to buy a copy whenever I can. I have got a few spare copies over the years – never heard it? Here is a youtube clip. On the hardcore department I got to say Terveet Kädet’s ‎– Ääretön Joulu which I find to be the best Nordic countries release. Tight and aggressive shit!. Finally – punk / KBD department, got to say Helen Keller – KBD records made a post you can check out.

Most popular post on the web-site: Records – Quod Massacre, Tapes – Bizex-B Demo, Articles – The 10 most expensive hardcore records.

Saddest moment: When I had to part out some 40 – 50 records of my US Hardcore collection to be able to afford to buy the two first Terveet Kädet releases. I hate getting rid of records but don’t regret the decision to do so.

Happiest moment: When the he two first Terveet Kädet releases arrived; Rock Laahausta Vastaan and TK II

Focused area: I have enjoyed focusing on the pre 1982 Swedish punk this year – it has open up a new world for me. I was surprised how much great stuff there are out there and I have found some new favorite records; Jonström, Epidemi, Kontaktlim and Rock set – all making the earth a better place to be.

Greatest achievement: Transforming the kids musical preferences from Eurodisco to Swedish sing-a-long hardcore (trall). Now they are singing “Ringhals brinner” [youtube] by Asta Kask from the rear seat of the car.

Best gadget: The little Swiss army knife – the Furutech GT40 is used as A/D converter to rip vinyl and tape. It’s also a DAC (to play mp3 files from the PC), a phono pre-amp and a headphone amp. Does the job – love it!

Best record source: Trash Palace in Stockholm. Punk records, international hardcore, grind and black metal – all a kid want. On top of that they have great staff. On discogs I like the sellers Emil_punk, Zoogin and maxrnr. On eBay – all Japanese sellers but for sure Cyclone records and Vitaminhedgehog.

Most nerdy moment: Meeting up with the collector-scums in Utrecht Holland, talking sleeve versions, matrix numbers and all that shit. Love you guys.

Stop buying Japanese hardcore randomly: Sadly – I have limited knowledge about the Japanese hardcore scene and I seem to buy records without a game plan. Time to do my homework.

Stop buying: Sonic Youth records!!! Why do I buy these oddball recordings / presses? The official albums are okay but the rest is just boring pretentious shit.

Overcome my US Hardcore anxiety: Huh … I been buying US hardcore (being the base of my collection) the last 25 years. I have moved, had floods, partying with records everywhere, bought the stuff cheap without knowing it should be inserts or which press it was etc .. etc … As I settled down and had 10 year black metal period – records have not seen light in 15 – 20 years. When I now open the bins today .. huh … some lack inserts, some are not first presses, some are broken, stolen, scratched, smashed, water or beer damaged, puked on … imagine … However in 2013 I will catalogue everything, grade it and make a list of what I need to replace. I’m terrified it will be a long list.

Records to be hunted down: This year I will find Tampere SS – Sota and the Bad Boo Band single. Period!!!

Parting out: Most of the non Scandi Black- and Death Metal – but I said that a year ago!

Commitments to be broken: I will not buy any more Anti-Cimex or Shitlickers sleeve versions.

Gadgets to buy: Better lightning so I can take better the images for the record sleeves on the web-site.

Trips: Japan, Nippon for sure – see bands and buy records by so learning more of the scene. I said that last year also – and the year before that as well.

Area in the collection to focus on: Try to complete my Finish hardcore collection up to 1988 and add whatever records I miss in my US HC collection. Continue to buy Soumi KBD records.

Articles to write : I would love to make an overview of both Krunch but for sure Headcleaners. I also find to little written about the early Swedish hardcore labels – and have decided to do something on Really Fast Records. And finally – make a list (I like lists) of 10 essential Nordic countries hardcore EP’s.

What I will not do: Make a stupid list around New Year and publish it on the web-site.

– the editor


  1. Patte Oldschool

    I don’t think you will learn much about the scene in Japan just by going there, since most of them don’t speak English. But you should go there anyway. It’s an amazing country.

  2. the editor

    The plan was to crash at a couple of collectors / traders that I been dealing with and by so get the crash traing and listen to records at the same time.

  3. Patric

    I can’t wait to see your Nordic countries HC top 10!

    • the editor

      I am nor sure it we will do this our selves or if we will put together an voting system or make a jury. On the other site it’s my my my my webpage…my precious….

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