90 days down the road

September 20:th 2012 – This is fun!!!

Today it is exactly 3 months ago I and a friend open the web-page swedishpunkfanzines.com. First we made it to be able to store scanned Swedish zines therefor the name of the site. The idea was that more than us could read them. So far 60 zines has been scanned and we have 122 more from 1982 to 1989 to scan. I have been contacted by other collectors and have been offered to borrow 100 zines more prior 1982 to scan as well. The scanner has been broken for a month but scanning will start soon again. We are always looking for zines – help us out securing that all zines are documented. Just post a comment below.

As I always record and take pictures when I buy records , I thought it was easy to publish it as well. I was also part of handling my obsessive–compulsive disorder when it comes to collecting records (or anything I do frankly). That’s not going is well as I have posted 72 records that I bought the last 3 month. My base has been hardcore, grindcore, death- and black metal but I have got more and more interested in the first wave of punk from 1978 to 1982. A good source for that music has been Killed By Death Records and similar sites like girlsfromtahiti and punkbusinessmanager. I owe them a lot as it contribute to a better life.

On top this I and a friend are recording tapes of which 27 are posted and 42 are recorded and pictures have been taken. And there are 300 more tapes.

I honestly did not what this will lead and in true DIY (at least for the web-site) it does not really matter neither – the web is fun for now – We don’t know how long it will last. I have been collecting records for 30 years and I’m sure I will continue the next 30 years as well.

There are more than 200 likes on facebook and more that 2000 unique visitors reading 19,000 pages. I could not believe that there was such interest in this stuff. However – I will continue to make the web-page for myself and if you like it – good.

For now – Sundsvall / Sweden

– the editor and Z

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