Ny Våg – New book on Swedish Punk 1977 – 1982

August 30:th 2012 – Swedish Punk Book

So – I have read every single word in the punk book by Peter Kagerland. It covers the punk and new wave acts in Sweden from 1977 to 1982. The book has 700 pages and articles about 500 bands. In the introduction there is stuff about the scene in each major city. And it comes with a CD with a lot of earlier unreleased material.

Verdict !!!– I’m always terrified for nostalgia but I believe the author really made a fact-based informative book – this despite his musical passion on the topic. I really, really like it. The sad part is that it’s only in Swedish – I hope it will be translated into English at some time. You can order the book at Premium Publishing. It’s the same publishing house that have the The Encyclopedia Of Swedish Punk 1977-1987 by by Peter Jandreus.

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