Skull – You’re Dead (1991)

January 4 2015 – Grindcore-bears

Skull – You’re Dead

Not On Label ‎– – 1991 – Cassette

4 song demo MP3 320 kbps

Some might know that this Stockholm grindcore band morphed into hardcore act Teddybears, later pop and electronica. I find it most interesting that the former Morbid member Jens Näsström played bass in this band. Glenn “Glenne” Sundell is doin’ the drumming. Patte and Glenne was earier in Contra.

I am a little confused with Patte, I though it was Patrik Arve but a friend says is another Patrik. Anyone who knows? Anyhow, enjoy as it is good stuff. Enjoy

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Inlay and the tape

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