Självgoda Tankar – Compilation (1984)

March 1st 2014 – A comp by Pär Eklund

Självgoda Tankar – Compilation

Kaskad tapes ‎– Kaskad 001 ‎– 1984 – Cassette

Side 1 / Side 2 MP3 192 kbps

Side 1 / Side 2

Pär Eklund was a fairly productive guy. He took part of booking gigs in the Sandviken area (Sweden), did a lot of posters, had a good zine and put out this compilation. It’s a punk tape, leaning a little towards post-punk.

On this tape you will find Destruktiva Liv – translation “Destructive lives” out of the came city. I believe Ola Broquist was in the band. He later was involved in the booking / promoter company Luger which was so successful that the annual growth was noted in one of the Swedish business magazines. Upon explaining why the turnover increased – Ola responded on the business objectives of Luger: It’s all about destroying capitalism!! ha ha. The second band on side A is Reagan Rockers out of Laholm in Southern Sweden. They put out a 7-inch in 1982 by the way. They defined themself as a punk / rock cross over band. On side two you will Oroliga kalkoner – translation “Worried Turkeys”. I can’t remember if they are from the some of the Stockholm’s Southern suburb Tumba or Alby. I remember it was Roger Karlsson who on drums hooked up with Stefan Söderberg and Benke Carlsson. They were quite active at the time and played at Ultra Huset in Handen in Stockholm at some time. The last band out I has never heard about: Avsmak – translation Disgust who are doin’ two live songs.

Today Pär is spending most of his time with organic farming, focussing on various types of carrots I guess.

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Front of inlay

Cassette and shell

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